What Sets Us Apart

Rather than write a book about why we think you will appreciate working with Creative Panel Solutions, we’ll just highlight what we think are the critical elements in producing the best panels on the market. Once you work with us, we believe you’ll agree.


While building panels is a scientific process, it also requires a good dose of art. Finding that perfect blend of adhesive, substrate, and laminate to create a bond that will last a lifetime takes experience, and is not something that is learned overnight. There are companies that believe every panel is the same, and that simply running a press is all that is required to produce quality panels. We know that is not the case.

Quality Laminates

Not all laminates are created equal. We partner only with the best to ensure our finished product performs not only to our standards, but more importantly, to your standards.

Quality Substrates

Like laminates, the quality of substrates can vary significantly. That’s why we only work with the best mills and inspect every panel before it gets used in production, a practice very few of our competitors engage in.

Quality Adhesives

The biggest mistake anyone can ever make in this business is to use low quality adhesives. We use only the best, moisture-cured urethane adhesives to produce a bond that will outlast either the substrate or the laminate. That bond is the heart of our panels.

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